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2012 Kawasaki Z1000 For Cafe Racer TV

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Cafe Racer TV approached us for season 3 and told us what Eric Bostrom wanted to do to a brand new 2012 Kawasaki Z1000 naked bike.  He wanted to make it look like an old school 70's Kawasaki race bike.  Since Gary Nixon's passing he wanted to make it a tribute bike to the great legend.  Him and his brother Toren were going to build it out of his garage, I saw some of the pictures of what he wanted to do and realized he needed much help with achieving the look he wanted.  I volunteered my services on creating the one off gas tank and bodywork and make billet wheels which mimicked the vintage Kawi mags from the 70's. Check out the Cafe Racer TV episodes of the build: Season 3 episode #1

Lossa Engineering Specs:

  • one off hand crafted steel gas tank
  • fiberglass ducktail style solo section from Glass From the Past
  • Highly modified vintage fiberglass front fender
  • One off billet wheels to look like vintage Kawi Mags
  • Custom Nixon tribute paint job
  • Custom painted gold wheels
  • Custom designed graphics that were cleared over
  • Brake lines
Bostrom Brother Specs:
  • new subframe from scratch
  • Custom wiring for whole bike
  • Clip ons
  • Rearsets
  • Hand made LeoVince exhaust with triple ends
  • Tommaselli clutch lever
  • Grimeca master cylinder
  • Small radiator
  • Smooth engine braces
  • Kawasaki Racing tachometer
  • Air pod filters


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