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Iron Cobras Triumph parts

We have been good friends with Evan/ Owner of Iron Cobras for a long time now.  His first shop was right around the corner from us. He informed me to take down all of his parts, he is no longer going to offer them for sale!

I couldn't do that, I sell and use a bunch of his trays and headlight guards.  So we struck a deal and he is letting me continue to produce the trays and headlight guards.  We have his files and he has instructed us how the parts are finished, so they will be identical to the ones he was selling.

We keep a limited stock on hand ready to ship, we usually can ship out in 2-4 days after you order.

Please spread the word that we are continuing to manufacture Iron Cobras parts

Iron Cobras Triumph tray kit

Iron Cobras Headlight Guards

NOTE: Sorry, we were not interested in continuing to make the exhaust systems he was making.  If there is enough interest, maybe we will!?



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