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Countershaft Sprocket that fits Vintage Honda's

$ 18.00
  • All our front sprockets are manufactured to OEM specs using high-grade hardened steel for long life
  • All match original equipment exactly and feature precision-machined splines and teeth for a perfect fit
  • Product Name: Sprocket
  • Type: Countershaft
  • Color/Finish: Raw
  • Material: Steel
  • Tooth Count: 18
  • Chain Size: 530
  • Mounting Position: Front


1978-1979 Honda CB400T

1971-1973 Honda CB500

1975-1978 Honda CB750F

1969-1976 Honda CB750

1976-1977 Honda CJ360T

1979-1981 Honda CM400A Hondamatic

1981 Honda CM400C Custom

1979-1981 Honda CM400T

1974-1975 Honda XL350K

1972-1974 Honda CB350F Super Sport

1968-1973 Honda CB350K

1974-1976 Honda CB360G

1975-1977 Honda CB400F Super Sport

1980-1981 Honda CB400T Hawk

1982-1983, 1985-1986 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk

1982 Honda CB450T Hawk

1975-1979 Honda CB550F Super Sport

1974-1979 Honda CB550K

1979-1983 Honda CB650

1980-1981 Honda CB650C Custom

1975-1976 Honda CB750F Super Sport

1970-1976 Honda CB750K

1968-1973 Honda CL350K Scrambler

1973 Honda CB350G Super Sport

1975-1976 Honda CB360T

1978 Honda CB400A Hawk Hondamatic

1982 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk

1976 Honda CB750A Hondamatic

1974-1975 Honda CL360K Scrambler

1980-1981 Honda CM400E

1982-1983 Honda CM450A Hondamatic

1982 Honda CM450C Custom

1982-1983 Honda CM450E

1982-1983 Honda FT500 Ascot


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Customer Reviews

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Brian Turner
1981 Honda CB650C fit

Not quite engineered correctly. This gear hub or spline is correct, the gear diameter fits without modification to the case. The gear teeth fit the chain. However, the gear width at the hub is incorrect (too thick, by about 3/32) and will not allow the gear retainer ring to fit on. This could have been corrected by milling off 3/32 on one side or the other side of the gear which will ensure a straight line pull of the chain. It appears whoever made the gear, forgot just one step.

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