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Tobacco Men's Archetype Riding Jeans

1,424.00 NIS


• 14oz raw denims
• Extra durable Caballo seams
• Protective DuPont™ Kevlar® lining
• Cool-mesh upper lining
• Comfortable slightly tapered slim-straight fit (just like our Selvedge jeans)
• Size up for a more relaxed look
• Size down for a skinnier profile
• See the sizing guide below for details
• YKK zipper fly
• Made proudly in the USA

Raw Denim is in a class all it's own and you will love how it looks, feels and wears over time. These are not the disposable, cheap jeans you blow out and buy every six months. Tobaccos are built to last, our denim and American construction will take anything you can throw at it and look better as you break them in. Indigo goes with anything, these jeans can be worn out to a more formal gathering, but are most at home on the open road, hiding blood, sweat and grease and making sure you look great. Tobacco jeans are modeled after classic American brands with an updated slim-straight fit. Size up for a more relaxed look or size down for a skinnier profile.

See the sizing guide for details.

Tobacco Black Selvedge Jeans

Tobacco Protection

Our proprietary, Comfort Controlled Lining is made with 100% abrasion and high temperature resistance fiber thread lining to protect you with determination and persistence when safety is critical. Tobaccos feel soft against your skin and are designed to give you maximum breathability and flexibility, while still protecting your skin from the grinding pavement if things go sideways. You can ride with confidence knowing that your Tobaccos give you a skin-saving layer between your ass, and the asphalt.

Tobacco Black Jeans Road Rash

Raw Denim

Maybe 10% of jeans are raw, meaning the denim has not been washed, distressed, or treated in any way after the dying and weaving process. Raw jeans will feel more rigid and crisp at first, after a few rides the denim softens as it starts to mold to your shape. As you break in raw denim it will crease, fade and shape to your body, becoming a perfectly fitted second skin completely unique to you.

Raw Selvedge Denim

Archetype vs Selvedge

Selvedge or “self-edge” denim gets its name from the tightly woven edge created by vintage shuttle looms as the denim itself is produced. Selvedge jeans are normally heavier than average and the selvedge stripe is a sign of the denim’s high quality. The heavy weight helps these jeans last a long time. This denim is rare and known for its unique vintage look. It requires more denim to produce jeans from narrow-roll selvedge and for these reasons Selvedge jeans usually command a higher price. 

The Archetype Riding Jeans are not Selvedge, but they are still 14 oz premium, raw denim, and therefore still provide the great quality that is raw denim. Many selvedge denim mills also create heavy wide goods and we use this denim for our archetypes. The weight makes thum rustic and durable and just like raw selvedge they will break in beautifully.

Ok, two jeans, the same fit, both high quality raw denim, so… what’s the difference?

Our selvedge denim is our oldest style. It is made for and by denim heads. If you have to have that selvedge stripe on your cuff to go with your heritage Red Wings and a custom built bike, I highly recommend selvedge. Oh, yeah they also sport a button fly for guys who don’t like metal teeth down south.

The Archetype has a cleanly finished extra durable caballo-seam construction on the inseams and outseams. This construction is actually stronger than the seams used in the Selvedge jeans, and typically used in workwear to prevent seams from splitting.The zipper fly is a convenient touch and if you don’t do buttons, the Archetypes are for you.

The difference between Archetype and Selvedge Riding Jeans

Both these jeans have become very popular, and both have our comfortable mesh and Kevlar protective liners. They are almost interchangeable, but at Tobacco we are all about the details and these subtle differences mean you can have your Tobaccos the way you want them, no compromises.

Here is what they look like new and how they look broken-in. 



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