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Lossa 19 power button

351 kr
  • Universal power switch(includes harness)
  • For load under 3 Amp, you do not need a relay with this switch. For load above 3 Amps, we advise you to use of relay
  • LED on all the time or only when switch is on (depending how you wire it)
  • Led Power Switch latching type, push it-- on, push it again -- off
  • Head diameter 22mm
  • Button diameter 13.1mm
  • Hole size required 19mm
  • Depth inc contacts 38.4mm
  • Latching type, push it-- on, push it again -- off
  • Switch rating: 5a/250vac
  • Led voltage: 12v only


Power circuit(to power both switch circuits and the switch lamp)
+ is for Positive
- is negative
Switch circuit
C is Common
NC is Normally Closed(pos)
NO is Normally Open (pos)


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