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British Customs retro taillight

$ 224.95

The bobber is a classic motorcycle build that appeared on the scene when American servicemen returned after World War II and started working on ex­military motorcycles. In their own garages, they stripped down their bikes to resemble and perform like the lighter European bikes they worked on and rode while overseas. These bikes were lean, efficient, and minimalist: they had only what they needed, free of any unnecessary or gaudy parts that dragged them down. 

British Customs was inspired by these handmade, custom bikes to make a Stainless Steel Retro Tail Light, part of our new Stainless Steel line, to help give your bike that same influential look and feel. British Customs’ Stainless Steel Retro Tail Light is available in either a black, brushed or polished finish.

The British Customs Stainless Steel Retro Tail Light is designed to fit right into the stock location, replacing the OEM housing and license plate on any Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, or Scrambler. British Customs even equipped the Stainless Steel Retro Taillight with a custom plug­and­play wiring harness to make installation simple and easy using common tools.


  • Retro, custom bobber look 

  • LED tail light 

  • Replaces bulky OEM tail light assembly 

  • Available in 303 stainless steel with a polished or brushed finish or 6061 aluminum anodized black 

  • Comes with plug­and­play wiring harness for fast, easy installation


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