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Triton project for commission

projects for commission

We have spent years gathering the right parts for a period correct 70's Triton build

What we have for this build already:

  • 1962 Norton slimline featherbed frame
  • 1970 Triumph Bonniville 650 motor
  • Amal carbs
  • Roadholder internally sprung front end
  • John Tickle top triple
  • John Tickle headlight ears
  • Aluminum adpator plates
  • New Lyta aluminum gas tank
  • Manx front fender mounts
  • Tommaselli clip ons
  • Aluminum flanged hoops
  • Norton rear drum
  • Triumph TLS front hub
  • Works rear shocks
  • peashooter exhaust
  Serious inquires only, please email for cost and other options. Note: We WILL NOT part out this bike or sell off any of these parts separately! SOLD!

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